Luxury Fashion Brands Opening in Beverly Hills

Get ready to experience a new level of luxury in Beverly Hills as the city celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2024. From renowned chefs opening their first locations to top fashion brands like DIOR and Cartier setting up shop, there’s no shortage of exciting developments happening in this iconic city. With revitalized retail landscapes, design transformations in iconic hotels, and upcoming residential concepts from premier hospitality brands, Beverly Hills is truly becoming a must-visit destination for shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. Keep an eye out for new developments like One Beverly Hills by Lord Norman Foster as the city continues to evolve into a world-class destination for luxury enthusiasts. Have you ever dreamt of walking down the glamorous streets of Beverly Hills, surrounded by luxury fashion brands and renowned culinary experiences? Well, get ready to make that dream a reality because Beverly Hills is gearing up for some exciting transformations in the coming years.

Changes in the City

Beverly Hills is no stranger to luxury, but in 2024, the city will be celebrating its 110th anniversary with a bang. With a surge of new shopping, dining, and cultural experiences, the city is undergoing a renaissance of sorts. From renowned chefs opening their first Beverly Hills locations to luxury fashion brands like DIOR, Cartier, Rolex, and Givenchy setting up shop, the city is becoming a hotspot for the elite.

Shopping and Dining Experiences

Imagine walking down Rodeo Drive, lined with the latest collections from top luxury fashion brands like DIOR, Cartier, Rolex, and Givenchy. With these new additions, Beverly Hills is becoming a mecca for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike. And it’s not just about shopping; the city is also welcoming renowned chefs like Daniel Boulud and Evan Funke, who are adding their culinary expertise to the mix.

Revitalizing the Retail Landscape

Two major players, Hudson Bay Company and Centric Brands, are at the forefront of revitalizing the retail landscape in Beverly Hills. With their innovative approach to retail, these brands are bringing a fresh perspective to the city’s shopping scene. From luxury boutiques to flagship stores, Beverly Hills is becoming a destination for those seeking the ultimate shopping experience.

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Hudson Bay Company

Hudson Bay Company, a Canadian retail giant, is making its mark in Beverly Hills with a new flagship store. Known for its upscale department stores and luxury goods, Hudson Bay Company is set to elevate the shopping experience in the city. With a focus on quality and exclusivity, this retailer is sure to attract discerning customers looking for the best in fashion and lifestyle products.

Centric Brands

Centric Brands is another key player in the revitalization of Beverly Hills’ retail landscape. With a portfolio that includes iconic fashion labels like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica, Centric Brands is bringing a new level of sophistication to the city. By curating a selection of high-end fashion and lifestyle brands, Centric Brands is transforming the shopping experience in Beverly Hills.

Luxury Fashion Brands Opening in Beverly Hills

Design Transformations in Luxury Hotels

Beverly Hills is known for its luxurious hotels, and two iconic properties, L’Ermitage Beverly Hills and Beverly Wilshire, are undergoing design transformations to elevate the guest experience. With a focus on modern aesthetics and unparalleled service, these hotels are setting a new standard for luxury hospitality in the city.

L’Ermitage Beverly Hills

L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, a five-star hotel known for its intimacy and exclusivity, is undergoing a design transformation to enhance its guest experience. From updated rooms and suites to innovative dining concepts, L’Ermitage Beverly Hills is redefining luxury in the heart of the city. With a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, this hotel is poised to become a premier destination for discerning travelers.

Beverly Wilshire

Beverly Wilshire, a historic hotel with a storied past, is also undergoing a design transformation to bring a fresh perspective to its guests. With newly renovated rooms and suites, as well as updated dining options, Beverly Wilshire is embracing modern luxury while preserving its timeless elegance. By blending tradition with innovation, this hotel is redefining the luxury hotel experience in Beverly Hills.

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Art Exhibitions and Outdoor Installations

In addition to its shopping and dining experiences, Beverly Hills is also showcasing art exhibitions and outdoor installations to enrich the cultural landscape of the city. From contemporary art galleries to public art installations, Beverly Hills is a hub for art enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs.

Art Galleries

Beverly Hills is home to a vibrant art scene, with galleries showcasing a mix of contemporary and traditional artworks. From local artists to internationally renowned talents, these galleries offer a diverse range of artworks for collectors and enthusiasts alike. With rotating exhibitions and events, Beverly Hills’ art galleries are a must-visit for those seeking an enriching cultural experience.

Outdoor Installations

In addition to its indoor exhibitions, Beverly Hills also boasts a collection of outdoor installations that add an artistic touch to the cityscape. From sculptures to murals, these installations enhance the beauty of Beverly Hills’ public spaces and provide a unique backdrop for visitors and residents. Whether you’re strolling down the street or enjoying a leisurely afternoon in one of the city’s parks, you’re sure to encounter captivating artworks that will spark your imagination.

Luxury Fashion Brands Opening in Beverly Hills

Premier Hospitality Brands

To complement its luxury shopping and dining experiences, Beverly Hills is also welcoming premier hospitality brands like Mandarin Oriental and Rosewood, which are opening residential concepts in the city. These brands are setting a new standard for luxury living in Beverly Hills, offering unparalleled amenities and services to their residents.

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental, known for its world-class hotels and residences, is bringing its signature luxury to Beverly Hills with a new residential concept. With a focus on premium design and exceptional service, Mandarin Oriental is redefining the luxury living experience in the city. From spacious residences to exclusive amenities, this brand is setting a new benchmark for upscale living in Beverly Hills.


Rosewood, a global hospitality brand renowned for its luxury hotels and resorts, is also entering the Beverly Hills market with a new residential concept. With a reputation for excellence and attention to detail, Rosewood is creating a sophisticated living environment for its residents. From personalized services to exclusive experiences, this brand is elevating the standard of luxury living in the city.

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Future Developments

Looking ahead, Beverly Hills is planning for the future with new developments like One Beverly Hills by Lord Norman Foster, a renowned architect. This ambitious project aims to redefine the city’s skyline and enhance its status as a global luxury destination. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, One Beverly Hills is poised to set a new standard for luxury living in the city.

One Beverly Hills

One Beverly Hills, a visionary project by Lord Norman Foster, is set to transform the city’s landscape with a mix of residential, retail, and dining spaces. With a focus on sustainable design and urban planning, this development is a step towards creating a more vibrant and dynamic city. From luxury residences to trendy boutiques, One Beverly Hills is shaping up to be a must-visit destination for those seeking the ultimate in luxury living.

So, are you ready to experience the new and improved Beverly Hills? With luxury fashion brands, renowned chefs, iconic hotels, and premier hospitality brands, the city is undergoing a renaissance that is sure to captivate and inspire. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a foodie, an art lover, or a luxury connoisseur, Beverly Hills has something for everyone. Get ready to explore the best of luxury living in one of the most glamorous cities in the world.

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