Exploring Winter Activities: Things to do in Lake Placid in December

Prepare for an excursion into a winter wonderland teeming with activity as you prepare to experience the magic of Lake Placid in December. With a diverse array of attractions and events, it remains a sought-after destination for those seeking a seasonal lark. In this article, you’ll discover an array of experiences, from thrilling outdoor moonlight winter sports adventures under a blanket of star, to serene moments of sipping hot chocolate by a cozy fireside in a snug cabin retreat. So, grab your winter boots, wrap yourself in your warmest coat, and let’s brave the cool gusts of Lake Placid’s winter together!

Overview of Lake Placid in Winter

As you wrap yourself up in the warmth of your winter attire, you must be wondering what could be so special about Lake Placid in the dead winter season. Well, to answer that, we need to go one step further into this alluring destination in the heart of winter.

The Charm of Lake Placid in December

Lake Placid in December is nothing short of a winter wonderland. As the town lights up with holiday decorations and snow covers the ground, a magical transformation happens. The town becomes an exciting blend of frosty fun and cozy relaxation. Once the site of two winter Olympics, the energy of the sporting past enhances the charm of the quaint streets and delightful shops.

What to Expect Weather-Wise

Preparing for winter weather at Lake Placid is essential. As it is located in the Adirondack Mountains, it is windy and the cold can bite. Average temperatures range from 20°F to 35°F but can drop much lower. Be sure to pack your warmest clothing, but don’t forget your winter sports gear too!

Winter Sports in Lake Placid

Alpine Skiing Locations

Lake Placid offers world-class skiing experiences, with kilometers of groomed trails surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. Whiteface Mountain, the largest ski area in the east, caters to all levels of skiers, from beginners to professionals.

Cross-country Skiing Trails

Cross-country skiing is a favorite in Lake Placid. Trails crisscross the landscape, just waiting for you to explore. The impressive Olympic Sports Complex has fabulous trails, but there are numerous other trails you can venture onto as well.

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Snowboarding Facilities

Snowboarding enthusiasts will find terrain parks, half-pipes, and the freestyle skiing options thrilling. The snowboarding scene is alive and kicking here, welcoming everyone from first-timers to experts.

Ice Hockey Opportunities

Take a step back in time and channel some Olympic spirit by playing a game of ice hockey at the Lake Placid Olympic Center, home to the ‘Miracle On Ice’ in 1980. You will find the rink open for free skates and pickup classes.

Outdoor Activities Beyond Sports

Scenic Gondola Rides

Nothing compares to the breathtaking beauty of the Adirondacks during winter, especially when viewed from above. A scenic gondola ride up Whiteface Mountain lets you capture these epic panoramas.

Snowshoeing Around Lake Placid

Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to enjoy the snow-covered forests and fields surrounding Lake Placid. It is a slower-paced activity suitable for all fitness levels that grants you access to spectacular winter landscapes.

Winter Hiking Trails

A hike in winter conditions is an adventure in itself. Bundle up and hit the numerous hiking trails, some of which offer captivating views of the frozen lakes and snow-capped peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.

Winter Festivals and Events

Holiday Stroll Event

As holiday season approaches, the Holiday Stroll event lends a festive vibe to the town. You can enjoy live music, participate in fun activities, and even mingle with Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Sparkle Village Arts & Crafts Fair

This fair is a must-visit if you wish to experience the local arts and crafts scene. It features a host of local artists exhibiting and selling their unique crafts and creations.

Holiday Concerts and Plays

December brings a series of holiday concerts and plays to lift the holiday spirit. The Lake Placid Center for the Arts is the hub for these performances, providing world-class entertainment throughout the season.

Experiencing Local Culture

Exploring the Town’s History

Weave through the streets of Lake Placid and discover a rich history spanning centuries, from its early iron industry to its athletic accomplishments. The local museums offer a deeper dive into the area’s past.

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Local Arts and Crafts

Visiting local galleries and workshops will bring you close to the incredible local talent of Lake Placid. From pottery to paintings to handmade jewelry, there’s plenty to keep art lovers enchanted.

Trying Out Local Food and Beverages

Indulging in local food and beverages is not to be missed. Warm, homemade pastries, locally brewed beers, and the signature maple syrup are just a few of the local delicacies that await you.

Shop at Lake Placid

Shopping for Christmas Decorations

With December fast approaching, Lake Placid’s shops start to display a festive array of ornaments, Christmas trees, lights, and more. Enjoy the joyous rush of finding the perfect decorations for your home.

Local Artisan Souvenirs

Locally made items make lovely souvenirs. From hand-sewn quilts to engraved wooden keepsakes, you can find a vast selection of items to remind you of your stay in Lake Placid.

Winter Fashion Outlets

Bundle up in style with a visit to some of the best winter fashion outlets in town. Chic boutiques offer fashionable parkas, snow boots, and other winter essentials to keep you warm and stylish.

Spas and Wellness Centers

Getting a Winter Wellness Treatment

A relaxing wellness treatment at a local spa can rejuvenate you after a day in the snow. Choose from massages, facial treatments, body wraps, and more, all using local and organic products.

Outdoor Hot Springs for a Chill

Nothing beats the chill of winter like immersing yourself in the warmth of a natural hot spring. Experience complete relaxation and soak away the cold in these rejuvenating waters.

Premium Spa Facilities

For an enhanced wellness experience, Lake Placid boasts premium spa facilities. With luxurious treatments specifically designed for winter, you’ll leave feeling pampered and refreshed.

Guided Tours Around Lake Placid

Sightseeing Tours

Guided tours offer a comfortable and informative way to take in the highlights of Lake Placid. Depending on your interest, choose from a variety of options like horse-drawn carriage rides, walking tours, and more.

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Historical Tours

Dive into the rich narratives of Lake Placid with hands-on historical tours. These tours inform and entertain as you explore iconic landmarks like the Olympic Museum and the John Brown Farm.

Photography Tours

For all the camera enthusiasts, photo tours are a wonderful opportunity to capture the area’s natural beauty. Expert-led tours bring you to the most picturesque locations at the right times to get that perfect shot.

Visit Beautiful Landmarks

Mirror Lake

Just adjacent to the town, Mirror Lake is an idyllic spot offering stunning views. Draped in white, the calm lake is a sight to behold, especially at sunrise and sunset.

High Falls Gorge

Experience the beauty and power of nature at High Falls Gorge. The four waterfalls tumble into a deep crevasse, creating a breathtaking spectacle, more so in the winter as parts of it freeze.

Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Bring out the sports enthusiast in you with a visit to the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. It hosts a variety of displays from past Olympic Games held in the town, a slice of sporting history.

Lodging and Accommodation Options

Cozy Lodges for a Winter Stay

Exciting day activities rightly deserve to end in a cozy setting. Cozy lodges, complete with crackling fireplaces, offer much-needed warmth and relaxation after a day filled with outdoor adventures.

Budget and Luxury Options

Lake Placid has something for everyone, from budget hostels to luxurious resorts. Make sure to book in advance for the best options during this bustling winter season.

Cabins for a Secluded Getaway

If a peaceful retreat is what you long for, secluded cabins on the outskirts of the town are perfect. These cabins ensure privacy and tranquillity amidst the snow-laden wilderness, a perfect way to unwind amidst the magic of winter.

Explore Lake Placid in December and let the town’s charm, exciting winter sports, local culture, outdoor activities, shopping destinations, spa facilities, guided tours, beautiful landmarks, and cozy accommodations make your stay memorable.

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